Bring the Revolution

As 2016 came to an end, Bring the Revolution saw their true beginning. The brainchild of Jamie, he slowly put together a band to recreate his musing live. Using the Angry Badger Records page of his little black book he filled the slots with the best the recently defunct label had to offer. Bringing in Adam from his previous band Timshel on bass. Guitarist John from Moody Tuesday, Rob, vocalist from Blindmans Vision and Matt from Kodiak Jack.

Between them they amassed a very respectable musical CV; Studio time in California, well known producers, national radio play, Classic Rock Magazine reviews, Metal Hammer compilations, big name support slots, festival appearances and celebrity endorsers including Jimmy Page… They hope to take their various experiences and come back stronger and wiser.

With just a handful of gigs squeezed into the back end of 2016, the newly formed group went big. Gracing the bill for established acts like Faith No More’s vocalist, Chuck Mosely’s UK tour and an outstanding performance at Southampton’s Engine rooms supporting boyhood heroes Ugly Kid Joe, and also supporting upcoming act Flashfires and Tax The Heat.

Their EP, Let It Burn showcases their style and influences. With the rousing Revolution 1.0 thundering its way into your ears, sounding like a Soundgarden classic, immediately stamping the band into your consciousness. Follow that up with the quick left hook of Idiots on Parade that could have been dropped into Green Days American Idiot album without you noticing the change. MVP has a tip of the hat to some early Guns N Roses or Motley Crue. Closer Walk With The Dead is a broody country-esq start that definitely grabs the bull by the horns for its gungey finale.

Looking for 2017 to build upon their solid start, with studio time and gigs in the pipeline it should be a great year.